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Wocen's test solution for a new generation of power aging

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Most of the power supply products will undergo aging test with different time before delivery. Aging test is a long time test process, and it is usually necessary to test multiple products at the same time. For DC input class of products, from the economic perspective can make use of switching power supply as the input source to aging test of products tested, but not have measuring function switching power supply, and the output voltage to a fixed value, basic does not have to adjust ability, this scheme is caused by poor generality can meet the product test under different input conditions, in addition to switching power supply itself does not have measuring function, can real time record all the parameters in the process of aging, if the external sampling circuit aging channels of data in a way that, besides would increase the cost of additional, also need to separate monitoring in monitoring.

      In the past tests, the aging test using power supply will also face the problems of large volume and high communication delay. This is because when the power supply is doing communication set, the upper computer at the control end will communicate and interact with each power source one by one. No matter what kind of communication mode, the interaction will generate a large amount of delay time.

      Watson power's endurance test platform is a set of comprehensive test system specially developed for the production line aging test of low efficiency, cumbersome data recording, especially suitable for the production line aging batch industry, such as laser aging system, chip testing, automotive lights or other automotive electronic components aging test.

Can match products EVWS series battery simulator

EVWS series battery simulator has the characteristics of battery simulation, which can simulate both battery discharge characteristics and battery charging characteristics. It can replace the power batteries of electric vehicles to be used in different test situations, saving space and cost for users. Support voltage 24~800V (1000V), current 0~1000A (peak 1300A)/power 0~500KW (peak 650KW) continuously adjustable in full range. The power supply can work in different working modes such as CV/CC/CP, which can meet the precise test requirements of different loads. It has perfect self-diagnosis and protection functions, which can prevent instrument damage or personal injury caused by misoperation or environmental factors. It is suitable for early stage research and development, late type test, reliability test and factory test of production line products in electric vehicle motor and its controller, electric vehicle powertrain system and other fields.