Continue to break through the high-end market of the domestic electric automobile industry

Shandong Wocen Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Wocen Power) has focused on the field of power electronics technology for many years, and has been committed to the research and development of test power and solutions. After years' effect, Wocen Power has become the leading supplier of high-performance test power and system solutions in China.

Currently, our manufacturing base is located in Jinan, which occupies 30 mu of land, and also we have several sales offices in the main cites. We are high-tech enterprise of Shandong province and have obtained ISO9001 certificate, CE certificate and many other invention patents of products.

Our products include power battery simulator, two-way dc test power supply, high-precision dc power supply, feedback electronic load, frequency conversion power supply and shore power supply and other products and corresponding test solutions, which are widely used in the testing field of new energy vehicles, automotive electronics, Marine ports, home appliances and general devices.

Technology & Innovation

With the rapid development of electric vehicle industry in recent years, Wocen Power focuses on the field of new energy vehicle testing. 

The EV series battery simulator and two-way dc test power supply developed by our company have stable performance, and have made outstanding achievements in the field of electric vehicle powertrain, motor, electric control and battery test, winning the trust of leading customers in the industry and authoritative testing institutions.

Wocen Power is also active in the field of fuel cell testing, providing test equipment and system solutions for fuel cell reactors, engine systems, and DCDC