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Go to Shandong Wocen and choose a bidirectional DC power supply!

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For savvy buyers, when choosing a bidirectional DC power supply, they actually value the quality of the DC bidirectional power supply more because high quality leads to high efficiency. Shandong Wocen Power's EVWB series bidirectional DC test power supply is your best choice.
Shandong Wocen Power has been focusing on the field of power electronics technology for nearly 20 years, dedicated to the design, development, production, and sales of DC test power supplies, bidirectional DC power supplies, battery simulators, and other source based products and testing systems. We recommend suitable bidirectional DC power supplies based on user testing needs, not only to meet existing testing needs, but also to recommend and select models for future testing needs, eliminating users' worries. The EVWB series bidirectional DC testing power supply has the characteristic of bidirectional energy flow, which can not only provide power to the load, but also provide pollution-free feedback to the power grid, saving space and cost for users. It supports continuous adjustment within the full range of voltage 24-800V (1000V), current 0-1000A (peak 1300A)/power 0-500KW (peak 650KW).
For more information about EVWB series bidirectional DC testing power supply products, please log on to the official website to or send the questions to the mailbox