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Wocen Battery Simulator Simulate various battery charge and discharge characteristics

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In the test of the battery management system, it is often necessary to use the battery simulator, the power battery simulates the power supply, and has special output characteristics, that is, it has the characteristics that the output voltage changes with current, temperature, SOC and other factors, and has the characteristics of bidirectional energy flow. This is a characteristic that the DC regulated power supply does not have.

EVWS Battery Simulator

The EVWS series power battery simulator designed and manufactured by Shandong Watson Power, which support voltage 24~1200V, current 0~1200A, power 0~500KW arbitrary specification customization, this battery simulator has CV/CC/CP, DC programming and battery simulation working modes. Built-in 5 kinds of battery simulation characteristic curves including lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt oxide, and 5 kinds of battery characteristic curves can be customized by users.

The power battery simulator has two-way energy flow within the full power, stable and reliable operation, and rapid transient response.

wocen power battery simulator factory

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