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Bi-directional DC power supply display high quality in the electric vehicle testing industry

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The bidirectional DC power supply for new energy electric vehicle testing comes from Shandong Wocen Power Source Equipment Co., Ltd. The bidirectional DC test power supply not only has high precision and efficiency, but also is easy to operate and has high reliability. It reduces labor costs and is favored by users.
EVWB series bidirectional DC test power supply, also known as DC test power supply, adopts high-speed digital control technology, the output accuracy reaches 0.1%, and the seven-inch touch screen is easy to operate and display. This bidirectional DC power supply has two-way energy flow in full power, with programmable output parameters and protection parameters, which can be applied to different types of equipment testing and meet various testing needs of users. The bidirectional DC test power supply supports any product customization of 0/1000V, 0/1500A, and stand-alone power 0/400KW.
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