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Wocen HY8 series variable frequency power supply -- Easily solve electronic manufacturing performance testing

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Users in home appliance manufacturing, electrical and electronic manufacturing and other industries should be familiar with variable frequency power supplies. The simple and convenient AC power supply provides a lot of convenience for various inspections and tests in such industries.Shandong Wocen Power Supply provides users in this industry with BP7 series touch-type variable frequency power supply, HY8 series button-type variable frequency power supply, and HY9 series knob-type variable frequency power supply.
HY8 series push-button variable frequency power supply takes microprocessor as the core, and the panel is operated with buttons, and the voltage and frequency can be preset. This variable frequency power supply is made in SPWM mode, designed with power original IGBT module, adopts digital frequency division, D/A conversion, instantaneous value feedback, and sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology, and uses isolation transformer output to increase the stability of the whole machine. HY8 series variable frequency power supply has the characteristics of strong load adaptability, good output waveform, easy operation, small size, light weight, etc., which can meet the test and use needs of users in household appliance manufacturing, electrical and electronic manufacturing, etc.
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