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Wocen Port Shore Power Combining Efficiency and Automation

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Shandong Wocen power supply manufacturer, aiming at the upgrading of demand structure, moves closer to automation and customer-customized shore power supply, and actively carries out its own structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading. AP series port shore power supply is a high-power variable frequency power supply specially designed and manufactured according to the needs of port and ship users to meet the user's demand for shore power supply.

AP Series Shore Power Source

AP series port shore power supply adopts DSP pure digital control, excellent waveform quality and dynamic characteristics, and unique line voltage compensation function, which solves the problem of large line voltage drop when the load is far away.This type of shore power supply has a modular design, multi-module parallel operation, supports thermal exit of faulty modules and low-load partial module operation, and is stable and reliable. After the ship is docked, the generator on board is switched to shore-based power supply for power supply. Especially used in port terminals.

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