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A "SMART" Programmable DC Test Power Supply

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With the continuous development of the new energy electric vehicle industry, there are many types of DC test power supplies of various specifications and models. So, which programmable DC test power supply is suitable for your needs? Don't worry, Shandong Wocen power supply manufacturer will help you recommend it.

MP series programmable DC test power supply is a high-power test power supply with exquisite appearance and superior performance. It uses a 3U chassis and provides a power output capability of up to 15KW. This DC test power supply is small in size and occupies a small area. It also has an automatic range and wide-range output capability. Reduce the output current to obtain a higher voltage, and reduce the output voltage to obtain a larger output current. A programmable DC test power supply meets a variety of different test requirements and provides users with more comprehensive power supply test capabilities.

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