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EVWS series fuel cell simulators are well received by users for their superior performance

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The introduction of the concept of "Made in China 2025" has continuously increased the demand for fuel cell simulators from users in the electric vehicle industry, especially the requirements for battery simulator test performance and accuracy. Therefore, according to market demand, Shandong Wocen Power has launched battery simulators with different power requirements to meet the testing needs of users.
EVWS series battery simulator has the characteristics of battery simulation, which can not only simulate battery discharge characteristics, but also simulate battery charging characteristics, and can replace electric vehicle power batteries for different test occasions. This battery simulator has three output modes of constant voltage and constant current, DC programming, and battery simulation, and has 5 battery simulation characteristic curves, which can be customized by users. EVWS series battery simulators have two-way energy flow in full power, stable and reliable operation, and provide convenience for users.
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