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How to choose regenerative electronic load?

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Shandong Wocen Power has been focusing on the field of power electronics technology for nearly 20 years, and is committed to the development and production of bidirectional DC power supplies, battery simulators, high-precision DC test power supplies, regenerative electronic loads and test systems. With product quality as the core, Wocen has won the trust of users. With a grateful heart, Wocen always designs and produces each regenerative DC electronic load to meet the needs of users.
EVWR series regenerative DC electronic load is suitable for the test of on-board DCDC for electric vehicles, on-board DCDC for fuel cell vehicles and other products, and can feed back energy to the grid. EVWR series regenerative DC electronic load adopts four-quadrant control technology, and energy flows bidirectionally within the full power range. The regenerative electronic load has fast transient response, fast current switching, and multiple communication interfaces. It can realize remote operation, unattended and embedded test system, and has an integrated heat dissipation channel design, low temperature rise, reliable operation, and long service life.
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