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Application advantages of bidirectional DC power supply in electric vehicle industry

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The bidirectional DC test power supply is a kind of DC test power supply with bidirectional energy flow, which can not only provide electric energy for the load, but also feed back the electric energy to the power grid without pollution. This bidirectional DC power supply can be used in electric vehicles, motor controller testing and other industries. The advantages of the bidirectional DC test power supply are reflected in the following aspects.
Bidirectional DC test power supply performance advantages:
1. Bidirectional DC power supply operation function
EVWB series bidirectional DC test power supply has bidirectional flow of energy within the full power range; it has three operating modes of constant voltage, constant current, and constant power; the operating parameters of output voltage, current, and power can be set.
2. Emergency stop function
Emergency stop control and external emergency stop control function, in the event of an emergency such as motor out of control, the power output can be stopped by pressing the emergency stop switch on the operation panel or the external emergency stop switch to avoid damage to the customer's equipment.
3. Automatic line voltage compensation function
The automatic line voltage compensation function can automatically compensate for line loss through detection, improve the power quality at the load end, and increase the output load capacity of the power supply.
4. Self-discharge function
The self-discharge function of the output terminal of the bidirectional DC power supply can quickly reduce the voltage of the output terminal to below the safe voltage after the product stops outputting.
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