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High precision DC test power supply Time to witness Wocen quality

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A distant journey tests the strength of a horse and a long task proves the character of a man. Time is the best way to prove high precision DC test power supplies. Therefore, the DC test power supply designed and manufactured by Shandong Wocen Power can stand the test of time and provide users with efficiency and convenience.

GP-030-120 high precision DC power supply is a DC test power supply with a power of 30KW, a current of 300A, and a voltage of 120V. This high precision DC power supply has an isolated output circuit, and the output voltage and current are adjustable in the full range, which is convenient to meet the different testing needs of customers. In addition, GP series high precision DC test power supply adopts full-bridge phase-shift soft switching technology, the efficiency of the whole machine is higher than 90%, double closed-loop control circuit, fast response and stable output. It is equipped with a visual human-computer interaction interface, which is convenient to operate, beautiful in interface and rich in information display.
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