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Wocen MP Series Programmable DC Power Supply—— Always perfect for the needs of users

Release Date:2023-05-09Back >>
Do you know why the new MP series programmable DC power supply launched by Shandong Wocen Power is so highly anticipated by users? That's because this programmable DC test power supply not only has a fashionable and exquisite appearance and international style, but also is a compact and convenient high-power test power supply that supports multi-machine parallel connection to meet various testing needs.
The MP series programmable DC test power supply designed and manufactured by Shandong Wocen Power Supply has the ability of automatic range and wide range output. It can reduce the output current to obtain higher voltage, or reduce the output voltage to obtain higher output current, providing comprehensive power supply test capability.
In addition, the output power range of this high-power test power supply: 0~5KW, 0~10KW, 0~15KW, can be extended to 150KW, and the efficiency is as high as 95.5%. The power supply has an arbitrary waveform generator with multiple waveform editing modes, built-in multiple independent curves, supports multiple curve loops and links, and provides users with fast and accurate test waveforms.
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