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Wocen GP Series DC Test Power Supply Adding New Energy to the Electric Vehicle Industry

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Shandong Wocen power supply manufacturers have always taken innovation as the goal of continuous advancement. On the basis of the existing DC test power supply, bidirectional DC power supply, battery simulator, etc., Wocen has introduced new ones, and designed and developed the new GP series high-precision DC test power supply with a small body and large capacity to meet the market demand of the new energy electric vehicle industry.
GP-030-120 DC test power supply has various specifications and models according to different voltage requirements of users to meet different testing needs of users. This high-precision DC test power supply has a multi-stage filter circuit to reduce harmonic interference to the power grid, and an isolated output circuit to ensure safe operation. In addition, the output voltage and output current of this DC test power supply can be adjusted in full range, which is convenient for customers to test. The operation interface adopts a large-size touch screen, which is convenient to operate, double closed-loop control circuit, fast response and stable output.
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